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It’s been about a month since the release of “Channel 8” from the soon-to-explode hip-hop collective, AGO, and mesmerized listeners have been anticipating work from every one of the Michigan artists within ever since the effort emerged. Fortunately, we’ve a new track of theirs to enjoy before their debut project comes out next Tuesday.

“Royal Oats” is the name of the nostalgic track, and it features the familiar production talents of Sango who again manages to sample effortlessly on his end of the artistic offering. The quintessential hip-hop vibe provided allows Waldo to step in and deliver lucid-but-astute lyrics, keeping the effort moving at a brisk-but-breathable pace. It’s a result we’ve seen before and will certainly see again on Tuebor, and we’re excited to see what other efforts the AGO individuals will piece together with the upcoming project.

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